Britannica Newsletter November 2016


Britannica frequently produces mini websites to put the ‘spotlight’ on a calendar event or a particular subject at specific times of the year. The sites are designed for use by students, teachers, librarians and parents. Each Spotlight or Study Guide is a stand-alone website links to the relevant Britannica content as well as specially created activities to help students learn while having fun!


Spotlights for Primary 

Our Spotlights for primary level usually focus on one Britannica article and include colouring pages, a quiz, crossword and word search, plus links to useful external websites. All the answers can be found in Britannica!


Spotlights for Secondary

These Spotlights link to a selection of Britannica articles; they include activities just like the primary level Spotlights, but are based on many Britannica articles to encourage student to practice research. They also include lesson plans!


Britannica Study Guides


Our Study Guides takes things a bit further and focus on a specific study skill. Each Study Guide uses Britannica content to help students develop their skills in areas like plagiarism, information literacy, essays and oral presentations. Keep watch – our next Study Guide, on Debates, will be out this month!