Britannica Newsletter August 2017

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Picture: Polarised light micrograph of a longitudinal tangential section through a woody stem of a mahogany tree.

Do your students need resources for biology? Britannica has great resources from primary all the way up to university level.

Starting with the basics, Britannica School has some great articles:

Additionally, check out our Spotlights on Animals and on Food Chains and Ecosystems:

In this Spotlight you’ll find our articles for each topic, plus quizzes, crosswords and word searches to help students practice retaining information.

Britannica Academic is great for foundational research at secondary and university levels. To help you get started, check out some of our great resources:

You'll also find fantastic diagrams and related topics, plus suggested additional reading for all articles, all in one place.

And if you’re looking for images, check out ImageQuest! Take a look at these searches:

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