Britannica Image Quest January 2018

© Christian Kober, Robert Harding World Imagery

Image: © Christian Kober, Robert Harding World Imagery

Britannica Image Quest January 2018

Festivities are behind us and holiday vibes are gone. To help you survive this cold January we are highlighting 2 amazing travel collections in Britannica ImageQuest. Long January nights are the best time to pick your next travel destination and start planning the upcoming adventure.

Get inspired by one of the most comprehensive collections of photographs and artwork in the world - the National Geographic Image Collection. To dig even deeper, combine it with Robert Harding World Imagery Collection, specialising in travel imagery, stocking 110.000 images from the most highly populated through to the most desolate places on earth.

Stunning images from both Britannica ImageQuest collections are also great to use in the classroom. Easily accessible and designed to enhance the classroom experience, ImageQuest collections enable you to explore different cultures and add authenticity to your geography, history or even tourism studies.